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You want to sell your house for a good price and within a reasonable period of time? The Rotterdam housing market has changed rapidly in the past year. This requires a broker with a modern approach. Hey! Makelaars is there for you, from our first contact to the house transfer.

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Are you looking for a house in Rotterdam? Buying a house in Rotterdam is difficult, but certainly not impossible. Hey! Makelaars has years of experience with the purchase of homes and an extensive search network. We can help you in the search for your dream home.

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Discover the value of your property without obligations! Our expert real estate agents offer a free appraisal so you can make informed decisions about your property with confidence. Contact us today!

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Hey! Makelaars

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Welcome to Hey! Makelaars

Hey! Makelaars is a full-service real estate agency in the city centre of Rotterdam. A modern approach with personal contact is what it's all about for us. We strongly believe in the use of data analytics. That's why we use the latest options to determine the asking price and the social media campaign. We also believe that sustainability should be encouraged. As a real estate agency, we contribute to this. With our future-oriented vision, we distinguish ourselves from other brokers.

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Hey! Makelaars is a climate-neutral broker, but we are also committed to other forms of sustainability. For example, we travel in Rotterdam by bicycle or electric scooter, we use green electricity and we have a paperless office.

Do you also choose for sustainability, just like us? Then the following proposal is for you. We have a discount mechanism for our selling commission. This works like this:

Energy label | Discount commission

A and better | 10%

B | 7,5%

C | 5%

Do you want to know what your energy label is? Hey! Makelaars can provide you with this energy label.

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Customers say

"My house on Opzoomerstraat was sold quickly and without fuss by Matthijs."

"We did not expect that given our broad search profile we could find a new home so quickly."

"Contacted for energy label recording. Response was prompt, and the recording could be scheduled quickly. The energy label was delivered quickly. Definitely recommend using Hey! Estate Agents!"

"Energy label arranged through Hey! Estate Agents. Keeps appointments, accurate and economical. Can recommend this advisor!"

"Adviser from Hey! Estate Agents clearly stated what was needed beforehand. As a result a good start when visiting flat. Knowledgeable about things and knowledgeable. Keeps promise delivery."

"Helped professionally, effecient and friendly. Communication was good. Energy label available within one day"

Modern approach

A good data analysis makes our valuation different from that of fellow brokers. We actually take on the role of data analyst. Estate agents often choose three equivalent houses to quickly determine the value of your house. Hey! Makelaars does this differently. We use big data to objectively determine the value of your home. In combination with our real estate agent feeling, we then determine the best sales strategy together.

Of course we place our offer on Funda and Social Media. A professional photographer takes pictures and we write an attractive advertisement text. We use data to reach the right target group with paid advertisements. This allows us to quickly reach the right target group for your house.

In this way we sell every home within a realistic time and for a good price. You won't notice anything else about this technical approach. For Hey! Makelaars continues to put personal contact first. We do small updates via Whatsapp and we discuss important matters over the telephone.

Matthijs de Klerk

Real estate agent

My name is Matthijs de Klerk and I own and broker at Hey! Makelaars I was born in the Rotterdam region and have lived there all my life. I have had a passion for real estate from a young age, but first I ended up in a technical commercial position after my studies at TU Delft. I now have ten years of experience with the purchase, renovation and sale of homes in the Rotterdam region.

I founded Hey! Makelaars because I want to help others with my technical and commercial knowledge of the housing market in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Hey! Makelaars and I are members of the VBO trade association and this means that my knowledge is always up-to-date. I distinguish myself from other brokers by my technical background and data-driven approach. This allows me to quickly help you on the right track with the purchase or sale of a home.

With Hey! Makelaars I want to be a real estate agency that focuses on a sustainable future with a modern and efficient approach. However, personal contact remains key here.